Hi there! this is definitely my fifth day since I started blogging. I find it hard to do research and reading resources about it due to busy schedules. I am actually at work during week days. Spend time playin’ with my little girl when at home. I have not been into doing crafts yet. Not this time. Especially that I’m on the stage of “getting to know” every matter in blogosphere. A few hours is not enough for a beginner to famialiarize the system.

A journey towards the world of blogging.

I have been spending late evenings in researching on how to get started on a blog, picking up a niche, and everything about blogging. It sucks when you know there are piles of informations ahead and you don’t know which one to pick up.
Yet, I’m thankful to have an access to lots of information–that is through internet and thanks to a long holiday! This, is for me a sense of accomplishment for having been into the world of blogging ( oops there’s nothing to be proud of for being a newbie).
I remember few months ago (summer vacation) I had already the thought in mind of starting a blog, and so I did research about it. However, the more information I get the more it confuses me. So I decided to stop (difinetly I quit without even trying a bit!) And well, I remember a good friend of mine( a colleague) whom who helped me answered all my queries. Thanks to an angel.
Well then, let’s get started.